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    Introduction Description

    Aligning yourself when everything is not normal opens the door to a new approach in new circumstances. This 3 video series was produced in the initial phases of the CoVid-19 pandemic. At a time when travel and tourism ground to a halt overnight. Millions of people world-wide from every socioeconomic, racial, religious and political sub-group were unemployed in a single week. Complete economic sectors ceased to operate forcing many into bankruptcy, such as retail, restaurant, sport and entertainment. More than 5 billion people were imprisoned in their own homes. There was no precedent for what to do or expect. Fear ruled globally.

    Those who thrived during this time were equally hard hit as everyone else. They didn’t see the problems of the pandemic, they became focussed on the opportunity. In my consulting and coaching community, thousands lost clients, income and peace.

    On the other hand, we believed our clients deserved a different approach. The Pivot Program unlocked the ability to move forward fast. We soon had to turn away clients. Where did we begin?

    The Pivot Program Scientifically proven strategies to focus your mind in times of uncertainty.

    Introduction Lets get started

    The Pivot Program gives you control of your life and circumstances.
    Fast, easy to learn techniques to last your whole lifetime

    Pivot 1 Anchor yourself

    In times of uncertainty our vision is cloudy. To be come certain,
    we first need an anchor, an unmoving focal point.

    Pivot 2 Be Still

    The greatest single stressor when we are uncertain is noise. It comes
    from all our senses: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, anything we touch and think.
    Stop the noise, become calm.

    • Identify the sources of noise
    • Acknowledge the impact and stress it causes
    • Step by step system to cancel the noise

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    Download Free Course Download three accompanying PDF for each pivot point

    Pivot 3 Emotional Mastery

    We can be anchored and still yet not be able to master our emotions.
    Understanding the science of emotions gives us knowledge to change
    and control how we feel.

    • Emotional biochemistry – how emotions work
    • Learn the keys to changing how you feel
    • Practice the Emotional Mastery System

    Isn't it time you had certainty and control? Scientifically proven strategies to have control now!