Strategy and Clarity

You excel in the products and services your business provides your clients. You love what you do, but are stuck in a daily grind.
Over a very short time period, stress builds up and slowly creeps in to steal your clarity, creativity and consistency. You don’t even notice that you have less energy, don’t sleep well and have gained weight.
What you do notice is that profits are not growing like they did last year.

Learn how to increase your profit, fast.

People and Relationships

The difference between achieving your goal and reaching your potential allowing you to serve more clients, is not what you, your business or even your team do. Your results are determined by your mindset.
Develop a growth mindset to become an inspiring leader of a successful, profitable business with a nimble, creative team.

”Our problem is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” Michelangelo

Marketing Results

Which do you prefer? Brand recognition and trust or increased sales? Managing clients complaints or a dedicated, happy team? Would you rather a high cost of customer acquisition or a clear understanding of your client needs?
Developing a strong connection between your brand and your product story is a vital part of achieving lower client acquisition cost and more organic referrals to sales.
Tap into your greatest resource, your team and your clients.

Your success is determined by your mindset, physical and emotional balance.

Develop your perceptions, awareness and actions, so that you gain an edge in performance through:

  • A clear vision for success
  • Strategy and structure
  • Planning and implementation
  • Emotional intelligence and behavioural insights
  • Achievement through accountability measures
  • Systems and process reviews

Working with The Alpha Potential maximises your success through a results-driven process.
Awaken your inner potential and learn how to achieve everything you deserve by expanding your life to fill the complete area allocated to your being.

Whatever happens in your life, building resilience allows you to springboard forwards from daily challenges and difficulties.
Business and life should be fun. The Alpha Potential’s education and coaching are always just a little out of the ordinary; ensuring that your outcomes are extraordinary.

The 5 Step System to Your Success To Be Successful, Focus on Your Growth Mindset

The 5 Step System to your success is simple. But it is not easy. That’s why the clarity you need requires an Alpha Potential Coach.

    Who We Are Attain physical, mental and emotional balance.

    Whilst building a start-up business in the health and beauty industries Wally simultaneously grew a property portfolio system that generated a 7 figure income within 3 years.

    The lessons of expanding two education businesses Australia-wide, including multi-million income centres in 4 capital cities continued Wally expertise as a specialist educator.

    Extensive study into the neuroscience of learning and student engagement powers the system that unlocks the true potential of business owners and managers.

    Wally delivers effective personal and professional coaching systems, powerful personal development, marketing and sales training strategies.
    Expertise is drawn from business, education, sports coaching provide balance and challenge in a coaching environment that is results-driven.

    Learn more now WhatsApp +94 766 668 278

    “It is not important whether you sprint, jog or run. What matters is that you move forwards”

    Connect with us to answer any questions you may have on either What’sApp or Telegram. Together, let us work out your new pathway today.

    What We Do Owners of successful businesses, international leaders and gold medalists have one feature in common. They have great coaches.

    Sports coaching is the easiest way to understand what coaching is, regardless of what specific type of coach you engage.

    We know the names of the business leader – from Oprah, Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, the late Steve Jobs or Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

    But do we know the name of the coach who aligns their vision with their goals? The Williams sisters are legendary on the international tennis circuit. The Fed is a Swiss machine of Grand Slams. Sporting greats always have great coaches.

    It is not talent, strong arms, superior intelligence or ‘luck’ which makes these individuals high achievers. It is a combination of high-quality coaching, hard work, rising from the ashes of failure, dedication and application of a system.

    More than anything else; a quality coach makes you accountable. If you do not have coaching which is forcing you to be accountable; a coach who looks inwards and outwards examines skills, applies strategies and provides highly targeted positive feedback it is not the coach but you who will be average.

    If you truly want to excel, beyond anything you can even imagine right now; engaging a coach is the single step which you must take now to get to the starting line. The Alpha Potential Coaching Program will take you from where you are right now to the success you desire deep down inside.

    As you progress, what you thought was way beyond someone as ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ as you, is suddenly just the beginning of a whole new journey to far greater achievements.

    Successful outcomes are attained by clients who commit to following our coaching program. Allow success to speak for itself, book an obligation FREE session to see if we are a match who can work together to attain success in your business and life.

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    What our clients are saying We really appreciate all of your reviews, thank you so much!

    The Alpha Potential Values These values guide our business, our engagement with coaching clients, our relationships with business owners and our brand. We insist on the application of these values by our employees.

    No Closed Office Doors – Open Company

    Being ‘true to yourself’ is epitomised by the transparency we embrace wherever practical, and sometimes where impractical. We are not afraid of being honest with ourselves, our staff and our customers. 

    Don’t #@!% the Customer

    We test our decisions by asking, “How will this affect our customers?” If the answer is that it would ‘screw’ them, or make life more difficult, then we need to find a better way.

    We want the customer to love and respect us in the morning.

    Balance Heart and Action

    We provide coaching, education and services that improve the wellbeing of individuals and organisations. Balancing the heart means caring about what we’re doing and how it will allow our clients, colleagues and stakeholders to live amazing lives. It’s a mission, not just a job.

    How does Business Coaching work in practises?

    We want our personal coaching clients, business customers and all our staff to feel like they work with the Alpha Potential, not for the Alpha Potential. We have fun with our co-workers while contributing to the growth of your potential.

    Isn't it time to rise to the next level?